I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.
by Saul Bass 

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saturday feeling / september 2014

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Anonymous said: How's Leeds art so far, what do you think? X

I’m absolutely exhausted for one thing, it’s crazy and fast-paced and spontaneous - I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone and panicking, but I’m glad. I feel like I’m learning and experimenting and doing things I never would have dreamt of doing by myself. It’s really pushing me in new ways, even after just four days. Of course I’d love to be doing portraiture and organic form/still life drawings and paintings, but right now I’m learning new skills, even though I’m a bit uneasy about the results. We’ve been learning about linear/aerial perspective, applying that to line drawings and making 3D wire sculptures. I’m so tired, but it’s been great thus far, and I feel it can only get better   

Anonymous said: hello kate, I was just wondering your opinion about this since I find your responses very well thought of, me and my friend have been called selfish and mean for not wanting to hear about the news, like all the bad things going on, but what people don't understand is we both suffer from panic attacks and take medication, I've been starting to feel very guilty for ignoring big issues but at the same time I don't want to compromise my health.. Do you think that makes me a bad person?

Not at all, of course it doesn’t make you a bad person. Being ignorant of all the bad things happening in the world right now isn’t a particularly good thing because it’s important to be aware of things and talk about things because if bad things are ignored/forgotten about then they won’t be easily fixed, BUT it’s more important for you to focus on YOUR problems and the things going on in your personal little universe, because if you can’t keep yourself balanced and functioning, then you won’t be able to help anyone else anyway. You should always practise self-care, if you weren’t watching the news because you couldn’t be bothered or thought it was none of your business then that might be considered selfish, but anything that might be triggering to you or cause panic attacks should be avoided at all costs, even if it makes you a bit naïve. You and your friend are neutral, you’re not learning about the problems in the world and are therefore not really able to spread awareness and appeal for help but you’re also not directly contributing to the problems in the world either, you’re not doing any real harm. Maybe one day you’ll be ready to start following the news and educating yourself about these things but for now please focus on looking after yourselves, don’t worry


On average, how many faces do you think you pass by on the street? 10? 30? 150? 1234?

atmosthetic said: Everytime I look at the pictures of you I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are and how amazing you dress and just the way you represent yourself, to me YOU are a masterpiece.

Oh my goodness. What a gorgeously lovely message to receive after the previous one, thank you for being so kind, it really helps me feel better about my appearance/existence- thank you dear 🌟

Anonymous said: All you do is copy it makes me sad. Your black stripy clothes, your obsessions with 'ugly' shoes and black shoes your black long hair and fringe, you just look like everyone else. You look like you're trying too hard to be different when in fact you've copied everything about yourself. Be original. You're so talented, unlike all these people you're copying, you could be so special

Ohhhhhhh pleeeeeease this is so moronic, so I have to wear rainbow clothes and shave my head to be special and “”unique”” or something now, get out of here, this is bullshit, I’ll take constructive criticism on my art and such but if you’re telling me how I should and shouldn’t dress and cut my hair then you can just fuck right off, I feel comfortable with how I look and that’s what matters, don’t be a snob it’s really very ugly behaviour

Anthony Gerace

Today at art college we had to draw an imaginary bird that represented us and I was so excited I started shaking, I also made lots of new friends including a lovely girl who’s going to come and see The Jesus and Mary Chain with me :-)

Anonymous said: Vegetables, fruits, and legumes aren't expensive at all.

Some fruit is a bit too expensive for our average family shop, but that’s because I have a fancy for lychees and such ;-) But you’re right! I’m going to start eating more and more of them, and less meat, dairy and eggs :-)


Keith Haring in front of his mural at at Collingwood College, Melbourne, Australia, 1984