I finished reading Gone with the Wind this morning and I’ve got to say I can’t remember the last time a book had such a huge impact on me, I absolutely loved it, it was exquisite, and I’ll probably keep thinking about it for months and months, I absolutely fell in love with it 


Ellsworth Kelly

I love Ellsworth Kelly so much

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I got this dress from my 80 yr old nana

Anonymous said: Feminism is for middle class white girls like yourself who like to perpetuate their own oppression. The kind of people who think someone looking at them is oppression.

Don’t be daft! It’s for everyone of every race and class, I don’t understand why people are so hostile about the idea of equality!


Clara Adolphs

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I feel ready to curl up in a ball and burst into tears right about now because #WomenAgainstFeminism is an actual real life thing trending on twitter at this moment and I actually cannot comprehend it. I feel so very sad.


Yue Minjun, Sky, 1997.

Gosh, I’ve been asked to visit a secondary school next year as a ‘visiting artist’ and do a workshop/art day with the year 9 students starting their art GCSE because apparently a lot of them have studied my drawings for their school work, I’m not even sure what I’d actually DO yet but it’ll be such good work experience and I’d get paid too! How surreal?!


  René Magritte - The portrait, 1935